In this course, you will discover the world of embryology from the perspective of Dr Erich Blechschmidt and Dr Brian Freeman.

You will develop theoretical knowledge of the biomechanical and metabolic development of the human embryo and learn how this understanding contributes to your skill as a practitioner for the diagnosis and management of complex cases.

Areas of study include the embryological development of the brain and neural framework, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary development, as well as craniofacial and abdominopelvic viscera development.

The knowledge gained serves as an important basis for applied clinical anatomy and physiology especially with relation to cranial osteopathy and paediatrics.

This Course is divided into Chapters.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Embryology

Chapter 2. Neurological Development

Chapter 3. Musculoskeletal Development

Chapter 4. Craniofacial Development

Chapter 5. Cardiovascular Development

Chapter 6. GIT Development

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