Meet Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of qualified professionals who share the goal of optimal health for the whole family. Paediatric care is a special focus, and we treat all ages besides, always striving to maximise health and wellbeing for all of our patients, with care and kindness.

Jati Bean, Osteopath, B.Clin.Sc., M.Ost.Med,. BCA.

Jati is deeply passionate about Osteopathy, his greatest joy is to facilitate healing in patients as they journey towards health and wellness. He maintains a keen interested in cranial osteopathy and continues to undertake study and research in this area. Jati believes that an Osteopath is a student in the university of the infinite.


Jati has a special interest in paediatrics and has returned to the Gold Coast after spending time in the ACT at Canberra Osteopathic Centre. Where he worked along-side world renowned Osteopathic Practitioners Dr Catherine McDonald, Maxwell Fraval and Jared Palpratt.

 Jati has played high-level sports for most of his life and understands the impact injuries can have on performance. He has worked with athletes ranging from surfers, bodybuilder, golfers, basketball and football players.

Jati graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science which included a double major in Osteopathic Studies; Human Structure and Function and a Masters of Osteopathy.

Tamika Newman, Lactation Consultant, RN, RM, IBCLC


For over ten years Tamika worked in a large tertiary hospital where the majority of her time was spent assisting women establish breastfeeding. Tamika started her private practice on the Gold Coast in January 2015 and has enjoyed caring for mother/baby dyads ever since.



Tamika’s philosophy around breastfeeding is to empower women to make informed choices during their breastfeeding journey by providing pathways relevant information to help each individual dyad on their unique journey. Tamika is passionate about finding the source of the breastfeeding challenge and supporting families to help them thrive.

Tamika received a Bachelor of Nursing in 2004, followed by Bachelor of Midwifery in 2005.
In 2010, she successfully sat her examination to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultation (IBCLC) and has been able to apply my knowledge gained from my midwifery work and focus and expand on the finer details of human lactation.

Throughout the years of her practice, she remains current with latest evidence based practices by attended many conferences and spending countless hours studying all things related to infant feeding, growth, sleep and development. Tamika has a special interested in oral anomalies such as tongue/lip ties and enjoy working with families to correct and establish effective feeding strategies.

As a mother of two beautiful children she understand just how important breastfeeding support is to establishing and maintaining a good breastfeeding relationship. Tamika is extremely passionate about assisting mothers during their transition to motherhood and particularly enjoy working with mothers to help meet their own personal goals during their unique breastfeeding journey.


Melinda Booth, Osteopath, B.Sc.(Clin); M.Ost.Med.


With her background of over 30 years of working with the human body as a professional ballet dancer, Pilates Instructor and massage therapist, Melinda has a strong first-hand understanding of how the body moves. She believes that movement is a fundamental building block of health.



Melinda focusses on restoring motion where it has been lost in the belief that improved function leads to improved overall wellbeing. Symptomatic relief is the first goal, followed by optimising the function of the body. Empowering the patient to understand and manage their pain, as well as addressing any factors that contribute to that pain is a key part of Melinda’s osteopathic care.

Melinda holds a Master of Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences from Southern Cross University. She is interested in assisting with a wide variety of complaints, including back pain, neck pain and headaches. Melinda uses a wide variety of techniques ranging from cranial work to joint manipulations, depending on the patient’s needs. Since the birth of her two sons, she has developed a keen interest in working with babies, children and their parents and regularly completes further study into paediatric osteopathy.

Melinda currently tutors the 3rd and final year students at Southern Cross University in paediatrics and cranial osteopathy.



Marsha Neville, Osteopath, B. Sci.,(Clin): M.Ost. Med.

Marsha is passionate about delivering effective treatment and health education to address stress and lifestyle related health concerns. She is a big advocate of encouraging patients in self-directed care through movement, strength, mobility and lifestyle. Marsha is also an accredited yoga teacher and incorporates this into her management of her patients.

Anna Potts, Osteopath, B. Sci.,(Clin): M.Ost. Med., RMT

 Anna provides holistic treatment and management for acute and chronic injuries, neuromusculoskeletal conditions and posture optimisation.  She holds a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, majoring in Osteopathic Studies and a Master of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to this she treated as a remedial massage therapist and has 15 years of massage experience, working in Australia and Switzerland. As a remedial massage therapist, she has worked at sporting events, such as the Kingscliff Triathlon.


Anna treats with direct and indirect osteopathic techniques, alongside with remedial massage approaches. She also treats with myofascial dry needling, kinesiology taping and sports taping.

In 2019, Anna went to Japan where she gained Kinesio Taping and Slacking Therapy skills. She also had the opportunity to observe Japan’s national soccer team’s physiotherapist at work in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama. She found these experiences very valuable in improving her skills. Her strong interest in the human body and health, motivates her to develop her therapeutic skills and knowledge.

Anna enjoys running and scuba diving and has a passion to assist people reach their personal health and fitness goals. She individually tailors treatment plans so to assist you in gaining optimal results and performance in what you would like to achieve. Whether your goal is starting a new fitness challenge, reaching your personal best or completing everyday tasks without pain or restriction.

Claire Moore, Osteopath, B. Sci.,(Clin): M.Ost. Med., RN

Claire has always had a passionate curiosity about health and how the body works. Combining her extensive history in nursing, massage therapy, and personal training with her studies of osteopathic medicine, Claire provides her patients with a caring and knowledgeable approach.

Claire appreciates the way osteopathy allows her to see each patient as an individual, and tailor her treatment approach accordingly, using a combination of direct and gentle hands-on techniques.


Whilst enjoying treating patients of all ages, as a mother of two she has taken a particular interest in treating babies with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for them and their families. 

Andrew Welsh, Osteopath, B.Sc, M.H.Sc, PhD

Andrew provides physical therapy services to restore and promote function and health for all ages and abilities, including elite athletes and special forces personnel. He has been a course and workshop presenter for Sports Medicine Australia over the past seven years, including training and assessing allied health professionals, a Clinical Educator at Victoria University supervising and training senior Osteopathic students in clinical practice.


He has a strong focus on manual and exercise therapy using objective outcome measures/baseline measurement and evidence-informed management.

Andrew is comfortable working in various settings with diverse patients ranging from Olympic athletes, footballers, ADF special forces, ballet and performing arts, corporate/workplace health assessment, manual handling and ergonomics, and the general public.

He has recently returned from work, continuing education & research in Germany and Switzerland and we are delighted to have him join our team while he stays on the Gold Coast.

Julie Williams, RMT

Julie has over 30 years of experience working with remedial massage and other body therapies. Her remedial massage treatments may include a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue muscular release, focus on tendons, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, and other types of stretching to support your physical body and posture with the demands of your exercise, work or lifestyle.




Julie has special interests in…

  • pregnancy muscular tension due to postural shifts

  • neck and shoulder restriction/pain

  • headaches, jaw tension/pain, correct sleep posture

  • hip, lower back pain or sciatica and hip flexor issues

  • plantar fasciitis

  • RSI, tennis elbow and other tendon conditions

  • emotional/physical connections, self care, natural pain relief 

  • self-care and healthy lifestyle, workplace, and posture strategies including sleep posture

Julie is comfortable working with everyone….clients with a disability, children (blue card holder), and the elderly. 

Bookings are available with Julie on:

Wednesdays 9 -1.30pm

Fridays 2 – 6pm

Maddalena Galanti, Clinical Nutritionist, Kinesiologist B. Hsc. (Nut and Dietetic Med)


Maddy is Italian, born and bred and living in sunny Australia since 2012. My family raised me with complementary medicine since I remember and I have always been very open to different kinds of ways to get in-tune with your own body.

What brought me to study nutrition was an amazing light-bulb moment the day I proved on my own body that Food is Medicine, by healing myself.


I am also very passionate about Traditional medicine, like TCM and Ayurveda, and I incorporate their concepts in my consults in various different ways.

I am a Yoga lover, but I also love to kick butts at the gym doing functional training and weights. When I have some free time you will find me skating, rollerblading, cycling, working out, baking, doing yoga or sunbathing with my dog (if I am not too busy baking gluten-free banana bread).

During my Bachelor I decided to also add Australian Bush Flower Essences and Kinesiology to my practice, to benefit my clients and give them holistic support, looking at the emotional and structural side of healing.

I wish for my clients to live optimally, not just be well but to aim for optimal living and thriving in all parts of life.

Maddy has more information on her website:


Amanda Bude, Lactation Consultant, RN, RM, IBCLC, HBCBE


Amanda is an experienced Registered Nurse/ Registered Midwife of 25 years, IBCLC, Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Specialist and HypnoBirthing ChildBirth Educator. 
She has spent her career dedicated to the support and care for families through pregnancy, birth and beyond in a holistic nature. Her combined clinical experience has been in Reproductive Medicine, Ante- natal, Birth and Postnatal care. 
Amanda’s passion lies in working with families in the community and has been in private practice for over 10 years. 
Amanda is excited to provide lactation and feeding support for clients at Coastal Osteopathy in a comfortable, holistic, nurturing environment. 



High Quality, Evidence Based Health Care is Our Mission

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