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For the whole family, from newborn to 99 years young!

Mother’s Group starting July 5th.

Join us for a 6 week group experience with Jess and Kristie from Mulla Mulla.
Limited to 6 participants.
Friday mornings at 9:30 am for 90 minutes starting July 5th.
Babies welcome.
Investment: Prepaid: $165 (includes GST), Weekly payments $33 ($198 includes GST).

We have a reputation for quality care. Located centrally along the main shops in Tugun, our team of osteopaths and Allied Health professionals help you to optimise your health and wellbeing – with warmth and true care.

Image of family holding hands at the beach

We have a reputation for quality care. Located centrally along the main shops in Tugun, our team of osteopaths and Allied Health professionals help you to optimise your health and wellbeing – with warmth and true care.

Image of family holding hands at the beach

Highly Dedicated and Qualified Practitioners

All of our osteopaths and Allied Health professionals are qualified and dedicated professionals who work hard to provide the best advice and care available.


Professional & Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on our warmth and care. You will feel welcomed from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.


Open 8am - 6pm, by Appointment

Reception hours may vary. Please call us to make a booking and our friendly staff will do their best to accommodate your needs.


Same Day Appointments

Ready to book now? We can provide same day appointments if possible. Book online, or call us on (07) 5659 2727 or 0413 414 948.


Health Fund Rebates Available

For eligible services. Chronic Disease Management plans, DVA and Workcover patients all welcome.


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our team work together where needed, to provide you with a mutli-disciplinary and holistic approach to your concerns.

Meet Our Team

Claire Moore, Osteopath,
B.Sci.,(Clin):M.Ost. Med., RN

Marsha Neville, Osteopath,
B. Sci.,(Clin): M.Ost. Med.

Jati Bean, Osteopath,
B.Clin.Sc., M.Ost.Med,. BCA.

Julia Smith, Osteopath,
B. Sci.,(Clin): M.Ost. Med.

Tamika IBCLC

Tamika Newman, Lactation Consultant,

Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist

Julie Williams


Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist

Michelle Retter
Naturopath, Homeopath

Osteopath, Cranial

Melinda Booth, Osteopath
B.Sc.(Clin); M.Ost.Med.

Cynthia Kilmartin, Front Desk Manager

Jess Whitelum, Psychotherapist

Kristie Dullat, Psychotherapist

Our Services

With a strong focus on providing care for the whole family, our osteopaths and health professionals care for pre and post-natal care, infants, children, adolescents, athletic teens, adults and the elderly.

Our osteopaths have special interests in cranial osteopathy, pregnancy, post-partum care and paediatric osteopathy (for newborns to under 16).

Osteopath doing a lumbosacral evaluation on a seated woman manipulating the muscles and spine of the lumbar and sacral regions of her lower back with his hands in close up


Our Osteopaths have special interests in paediatric osteopathy, pregnancy, post-partum and cranial osteopathy. We continually learn and update our professional skills. Osteopathy is a hands-on approach, which is based on detailed anatomical and physiological knowledge and the belief that optimal health occurs when all cells and tissues in the body function together in harmonious motion. 


Now, our osteopaths combine traditional osteopathic methods with modern scientific discoveries to support the body’s inherent ability to heal.

The founder of osteopathy, A.T. Still believed that we are much more than a physical body – he believed in the inter-related nature of our mind, body, heart and spirit. Now that current evidence is supporting this holistic view, for example in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, nutritional psychiatry and pain science, osteopathy represents a profound contribution to modern day health care.

“Osteopathy Australia osteopaths must be university trained (graduate plus post graduate level), government registered, meet high professional standards and complete annual continuing professional education to practice”.

(From Osteopathy Australia, http://www.osteopathy.org.au/).

Osteopathic treatments are eligible for rebates via health insurance extras cover and medicare care plans prescribed by your GP.

All of our osteopaths have a minimum qualification of a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine.

woman breastfeeding baby - lactation consultant service

Lactation Consultancy

IBCLCs are internationally recognised certified healthcare professionals trained in the clinical management of breastfeeding…also known as breastfeeding experts.

IBCLCs must adhere to professional standards, ensuring they provide quality breastfeeding help with mothers and their babies, and re-certify every five years.


In addition to providing mothers and healthcare professionals with evidence-based education on breastfeeding and lactation, IBCLCs are breastfeeding advocates—supporting women to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Not only can an IBCLC help you reach your personal lactation goal, but they can also assist with many breastfeeding challenges.

An IBCLC works with both the mother and baby as a dyad rather then just assessing one or the other individually.

Psychotherapy with Mulla Mulla Therapy

At Mulla Mulla Therapy, we believe that providing you with an opportunity to engage with self-discovery and self-awareness, you will find a place of change, confidence and healing.

Our Mission is simple…

You lead the way in your time; we support the process.


We bring our knowledge, skills and empathy to your experience. Together we collaborate and move towards your recovery, goals and integration of experiences.

At Mulla Mulla Therapy, we are psychotherapists and mental health practitioners, and our team hold a minimum education level of Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy.





Naturopaths are specially trained natural health practitioners who assist patients to naturally correct imbalances, illness or disease in various body areas. Sometimes these conditions are easily corrected, but when patients have felt unwell for a long time, it requires commitment and patience to “unpack” many years of ill health. This often requires a variety of body systems to be treated, carefully working towards improvements.


Naturopaths do not prescribe or take patients off pharmaceutical medications. Rather they have an understanding of how nutrition and biochemistry of nutrition affects the body and can lead to disease if not recognized or addressed. A Naturopath may prescribe both nutritional and herbal medicines, emotional remedies, and offer supportive health and lifestyle strategies for your individual situation.

a group of bottles with a mortar and pestle next to a bowl of herbs


Homoeopathy is a beautiful healing modality that utilises minute doses of a substance, such as from a plant or mineral, to match your symptoms you are experiencing. It stimulates a natural healing response from the body, creating balance within our cells, organs and all body systems. Each remedy is carefully selected for you, considering your physical, mental and emotional characteristics. It is safe and effective from newborns to the elderly and works beautifully on the animal members of your family too.

We offer a variety of Homeopathic Kits including Labour kits, First Aid kits and Travel kits.

a woman lying on a massage table

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a type of therapeutic massage aimed at treating specific musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, or chronic pain. It’s often performed by trained massage therapists who have an understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

The goal of remedial massage is not just relaxation, but also to address underlying issues in the body such as muscle tension, adhesions, scar tissue, and postural imbalances. Therapists use various techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and stretching to help alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and promote healing.

Tugun’s trusted Osteopathy

and Allied Health Clinic

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